Prof. Liat Kozma

Curriculum Vitae

My publications deal with feminism in contemporary Morocco, marginalized women in nineteenth-century Egypt, and medical discourses on sexuality in both the Jewish Yishuv and in early twentieth-century Arab societies. I also published several articles about the traffic in drugs, and particularly cannabis, in the early twentieth-century Middle East. I am particularly interested in the international movement of people, merchandise and ideas during the last decades of the Ottoman Empire, and the interwar Middle East.  

My latest book examined regulation of prostitution and of women's migration for prostitution in the Middle East and North Africa. Taking the region as a whole as my unit of analysis, I examined how national and colonial governments saw the movement of individuals; and how women and men travelling illicitly across the Mediterranean and beyond, saw the world that the Great War had created.

My ERC-funded project, starting September 2017, will focus on a regional history of medicine in the Middle East and North Africa and the mobility of diseases, medical personnel and medical knowledge to and through the region.